Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fancy Ice Cubes

This past weekend was the annual ice festival in Plymouth.  I didn't have 5 minutes to go, so I took a break this morning and went downtown and looked around.  It was 6 degrees.  The people who did the sculpting worked outside with huge blocks of ice all day in this weather.

Anyway, there were not as many large sculptures as usual.  Here is a very optimistic sculpture.

DT, I am laughing!

I liked the big flying mermaid...isn't it amazing how they did the spray of the water?

At home, I have an ice sculpture of my own.  I know.  It is an amazing likeness of icicles.  I worked alot of months on this.  I had to let the gutters get clogged just right and then not clean them out.  

I have seen dumber things called art.......
Normal Girl