Saturday, January 10, 2009

Atlanta Dream Center

Before I left Atlanta today, I met Pastor Paul of the Atlanta Dream Center.  ADC is located in the 4th ward of Atlanta, definitely the hood.  Every Saturday morning, Pastor Paul and crew head out on their "Adopt a Block" Mission.  They pack bags of donated food and head out to their assigned blocks.  On some blocks there are crack houses, drug dealers, and prostitutes.  The teams are made up of volunteers and students of Pastor Paul's college program.  They knock on doors, talk to people, give them food, invite them to church, give hugs and whatever is needed.  They are all really young.  This is Pastor Paul with the Block Pastors, the kids that take charge of volunteers. 

This is Scott, he is in charge of outreach and is giving a pep talk to the kids who will be block leaders.  He is a ball of energy.  Notice the map of assigned blocks.

Before we headed out, we had a little worship time in the rain.

Then everyone got into their groups and headed out.  I was scheduled to go with Pastor Paul to the crack house, but he said there had been some violence there this week and he switched me to the old folks home.  If you know me, you know that is not my ministry, but the kids were great.  They held a devotional, sang songs with the folks and went around the building knocking on doors, delivering food and praying with people.  I met some darling little ladies.

Then I got to go on the exciting part of the trip when Pastor Paul took me to the million dollar mile.  It is a block where the most drug deals in Atlanta are made.  When we walked up, there were about 20 guys standing at the curbs up and down the block.  Pastor Paul said they were all drug dealers.  Then he took me in a house and we chatted with the guys that live there.  When one of them said, "oh oh, I made a boo boo" and he dropped a bag of drugs on the floor, Pastor Paul ushered me out with the words, "let's go.....quickly"  I had no idea what was happening.  Everyone in the neighborhood knows Pastor Paul and he waves and hollers and hugs everyone.

It was an interesting experience.  Oh yeah, one guy thought I was Sandy Patty and kept holding my hand.  

Thanking God for His many many blessings,
Normal Girl


Weasel said...

Sandi Patty? Yeah, I can sorta see that. I'm impressed the hand-holder knew who she was.

Glad you were safe!

votemom said...

ok the sandi patty thing IS very funny. not gonna lie!

Imaginina said...

It is not the first time I have heard it, but it is the first time someone wanted to hold my hand because of it.

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