Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pants on Fire

It is day 3 of my Ethics and Moral Reasoning class.  I am having a blast because the thing that I love and hate about attending a Christian institution for higher learning is the Sunday school answer.  And Sunday school answers are flying around the discussion board faster than I can read them.

The first week's discussion is about the basic concepts of truth vs. lie.  And, how does a Christian worldview fit into that?  We have already read about the Veracity Principle that says telling a lie is only right if some alternate truth cannot be found.  Opposing that is God's commandment...Thou shall not lie.

Questions come up like why do we have to look for the gray in this black and white world.....meaning, God said don't lie, so, don't!  Or, it is eternal damnation for you sister!

So, most of the class is sticking to that Sunday School answer, and I am the little pin that pops their bubbles.  Rahab lied, Miriam lied, Sarah lied.  God loved them and kept His promises to them.  If I lie, God loves me and keeps His promises to me.  

Here is my question.  If a man was holding a gun on your family, and one lie from you could keep them alive, would you lie?  

Yep, I would too!!!  Is that lie OK to tell?  If I found myself in the reality of a situation like that, I would not care.  I would lie my heinie off.  I am a big fat sinner, God knows it.  

I love the discussion that brings God into learning at my Christian school, but sometimes we miss the point totally.

There, you know you are safe with me around, I will lie like a rug to save your life.
Normal Girl


votemom said...

depends on what the question is. what if it was "are you a follower of Christ"?

Imaginina said...

You are so right, it depends on the question and circumstance.

Anonymous said...


yes said...


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