Friday, December 5, 2008

Tool Love

Here is my new love.  It is an electric foam cutter.  Oh yeah, it is great.  I was working on a large foam project at church when I met the electric foam cutter.  What would have taken me a day to do in the old days, took me minutes.  Remember how we used to cut foam?  With a hot wire or a serated knife?  It was such a mess.  Oh, but not the electric cutter.  Oh no, it slices through the foam like it is air.  And it seals the edges of the foam so I can paint them.  And no foam mess.  Is it any wonder I am in love with the electric foam cutter?

Here is the big frame that my new love allowed me to cut out in minutes.

Just look at the clean edges.  Too bad the electric foam cutter belongs to another.  But, I can visit anytime I want.

Normal Girl