Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Heart Gift Market

One of my favorite trips every year is to Gift market in Atlanta.  It is a big recharge for me.  I am staying in a cool hotel that is two blocks from Gift Mart.  This is the view out of my shower.  Yep, there is a window in my shower.  It is not snowing here.  I had a great day.

Market here in Atlanta is in four big buildings.  I started in Building 1 which has home decor and Christmas.   And I did about half of Building 2.  There are 18 floors in Building 2.  Here you are looking from floor 15 down to the bottom.  I thank God for escalators.  

And this is the holy grail of gift market.  A moment of silence please for Golden Stella.  I am sure the Human PinBall, the Diplomat and Weazel will agree with me.  If you like jewelry at all, Golden Stella would make you very happy.  There is every kind of trendy jewelry you could ever imagine in there.  And then some.  It is good for at least 2 hours of entertainment.  The best part is that I can buy everything wholesale.

So, today I walked 345674345 miles, rode 987 escalators, had Chick Fil A for lunch, bought alot of stuff at Golden Stella, took pages of notes on ideas generated by looking at everything, and came back to my cool hotel room with the big screen tv, tired and happy.  And on top of that, I had dinner with the Global VP.  And I am expecting tomorrow to be as good or better.  

Yep, I heart Gift market!
Normal Girl