Saturday, December 13, 2008

Girls Night In Christmas Party

Tonight was the Girls Night In Christmas party at Grace Centers of Hope.  As usual, when God provides, He provides.  Our group of 17 girls and women arrived with two crafts, a game and tons of snacks.  
Can you believe this spread?  I put out the request for homemade desert and look!

Playing Apple to Apples.....

Making the gloves.  The ladies threaded needles and stitched, it was great.  We had enough that they could make two pair if they wanted: one to keep and one to give as a Christmas present.  

It was nice to catch up with the ladies.  We found two new women who just joined the program yesterday, one had a baby and had gotten married since we were there last, and we got a tour of some rooms and apartments that had just been redecorated at the mission.  There are so many stories in that building.  Tonight, we found an award winning artist and a ballerina who studied at Interlochen in the summers.  It reminds us to be thankful of the blessings we have.

Cupcakes welcome here!

We took some leftover treats to the men's lounge.  We spread joy and saturated fats with everyone!

For the next Girl's Night In, it has been requested to have a performing arts night with dance and drama and singing.  Could be fun!

Normal Girl