Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Corporate Sponsor

A note to my Worship Arts Pastor..................

Dear A,

I can see that this might not seem like a good idea at first glance.  Without seeming greedy, radically postmodern, or totally crazy, I would like to point out the positive aspects of a relationship with a corporate sponsor.  Imagine what we could have had this Christmas with money to spend.  Those big banners?  They could be like a movie marquis with the words in lights!  Our Christmas tree could rotate! When you walk into the auditorium, angels would sing.  Mary, Joseph, the donkey, shepherds and Baby Jesus animatronics in the lobby.  Are you picturing it?

So what if you have to do a commercial for our sponsor at the beginning of every service.  All of the people who don't like the music and come late to miss it would never see it anyway.

Think about it?
Normal Girl