Thursday, December 18, 2008

FORR Travel and The Human Pin Ball

This bracelet belongs to the Human Pin Ball.  Her theme is travel.  Four people plus HPB have added charms to the bracelet.

Here is her cute journal.  The journals are turning out to be as creative as the bracelets!

DT gave her some money from the Cayman Islands....both coin and paper wrapped around a tile.

MR gave her a tiny little passport.

The Diplomat gave her a smiling girl in a silk gown.  Both HPB and TD travel to Asia for business each year.  

HPB has done a lot of traveling.  A lot.  But, there is one kind of traveling she has not done.  I gave her a charm for time travel.  I found that watch someplace in Northern Michigan this summer.  When I saw it, I thought of a nicely dressed woman wearing a new, shiny watch on her delicate wrist.  I also gave HPB a bead I made so that if she ever does find a way to time travel, she will remember that I want to go too.

Normal Girl