Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bracelet Story #7 Perfect Peace

This semester, I have been studying Isaiah in my bible study class.  I was inspired to make this bracelet.  Remember the peace beads?  

It is a reminder for me of Isaiah 26:3:
You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you.

Maybe you memorized it sometime in the King James Version:
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on thee: 
because he trusteth in thee.

I was asked a couple times today how to imprint the silver bracelet.  It is the same as these silver discs, check it out.

Good to remember where that perfect peace is found,
Normal Girl


Dawn said...

love that bracelet! so cool

votemom said...

"whose mind is FIXED..."

i think of that denture cream that people use to make sure their dentures stick tight. Fixadent, that's the stuff.

my mind isn't always fixed.

Joy! said...

I LOVE my bracelet and especially the sentiment. Thank you, thank you for the spiritual reminders that you so thoughtfully produce and share ;o)

Anonymous said...