Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas with Miss USA

This is not Miss USA, and I was not sitting at her table, but I will bet she did not have a big piece of this like I did.  Too bad for her, it was good.

This is Carol Gist, who became Miss Michigan, then Miss USA, and then in the Miss Universe pageant, she was the first runner up.  More importantly than all that, she had sparkly diamondy buttons on her coat, and huge fur cuffs.  Nice.  She was the speaker tonight and she reminded us that we should use our talents boldly for God, which will encourage others around us to be bold for God as well.  

Wonder Woman and Songbird used their talents tonight.  WW lead us in singing Christmas Carols and SB played her flute.

The talent portion of my evening was as roadie.  My talent for for that is not huge, but it all ended up in the car.

Normal Girl