Saturday, December 13, 2008


Head Up Heinie Syndrome is a cerebral disease in which the brain mistakenly takes a vacation. HUH is one of the most prevalent cerebral holiday disorders, striking as many as 4,000,000 Americans. Nine out of ten HUH incidents happen while driving a car. The average age of onset is mid 30s although HUH occurs in all age groups in both women and men.

About 50% of the time HUH syndrome occurs alone, and 50% of the time it occurs in the presence of another afflicted person. The four most common diagnoses that co-exist with HUH syndrome are inability to park a car, walking in front of moving cars as if they don't exist, pushing shopping carts into someone else's car, and driving a car as if the only person on the road.  All instances of HUH syndrome exacerbate as Christmas Day comes closer.

The hallmark symptoms are a general lack of personal space and an unawareness of other people on the earth. Many patients also experience exhaustion, crankiness and bank overdraft. Symptoms can plateau, worsen, or go into remission. While some people experience mild symptoms, others suffer debilitating symptoms that greatly impair their safety and cause others to yell loud words at them in encouragement.

There is no single curative treatment for this disease.  The best methodology is preventative and sufferers should stay home, out of the path of innocent people.

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Please, if you suffer from this disease, get help.
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