Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting on God

I want to share how God is working in our Girls Night In ministry.  Sometimes on Friday nights, a group of women from church go to Pontiac to Grace Centers of Hope and visit with the women residents.

We have gone maybe six or eight times.  Each time amazing things happen.  Sometimes our plans do not feel pulled together before we go.  On our last visit, I had only two women signed up to go with me, but the day came and I went with nine women.  I have learned to not worry about it, because each time, God steps in and makes our evening great.  He speaks to women's hearts and we get donations of time, baking, and gifts.  They come from a different place each time.  Our next visit is on December 12.  

Today, I got 15 bags of books.  The ladies at GCH love to read and when we bring new books, they are excited to get new material to read.  15 grocery bags of books!  There is everything from Bibles to topical Bible studies (including a collection of John MacArthur New Testament studies that I am considering borrowing.....is that wrong???) to how to books.  I will need a truck to get it all down there.  I also got a box of candles and a box of lotions and shampoos.

AND!  A group of women donated 30 cosmetic bags and packed them full of cosmetics.  We will give them as Christmas gifts.  They ladies will be thrilled.  I have a donation of chocolates to add in as well.

This is God's ministry, and it has been really rewarding to watch Him work through it to encourage the women residents at GCH.  Through it I have learned:
  • When God calls, He provides
  • And, He does it in His timing.  No amount of worrying about it does any good.
  • The women we try to encourage a bit at GCH are just like me and I could be in the same place they are except for God's grace
  • When you try to encourage someone who needs it, you end up being encouraged at least that much yourself
A couple weeks ago, Wonder Woman sent me this song by The Desperation Band.  You will be singing along with it before the end of the song.  Hope you like it!

Normal Girl