Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Women Through the Years

I have three Good Housekeeping magazines.  They are from 1949, 1965, and this month.  Yes, it may be weird, but I looked at the ads in each of them to see how women have changed over the last 60 years.  And there is nothing on TV.  I have listed the counts of different kinds of ads in each magazine.

1949 1965 2008

underwear/lingerie 18 2 0

cooking/food 88 60 20

cleaning 24 16 2

personal stuff 36 28 11

clothes 15 all shoes 7 1

OTC drugs 6 2 6

Prescricption drugs 0 0 7

Women were not allowed to have fat in 1949, or at least let it move.  There were alot of ads for girdles.  We apparently do not wear underwear these days.

Also in 1949, your feet had to be little.  All of the shoe ads were about little feet and little shoes.

1965.  Jello and Miracle Whip.  oh yeah.  Party.

2008.  Every food advertised has a health food slant.  Even twinkies.  Only 100 calories.

And we can't sleep.

What I learned from this exercise was: in 2008, we have less ads in magazines even though we complain there are too many.  And, if we just would stop letting our fat and big feet hang out, and eat piles of jello, Miracle Whip and marshmallows, we will be able to sleep again.  We probably have to cook and clean alot too.  But isn't that a small price to pay to be able to sleep?

If I have solved one of your problems, you are welcome.
Normal Girl