Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swap Sneak

I spent the afternoon stitching a necklace.  Very autumnal, right?  I started with a lot of beads I did not choose and a skepticism about them working together.  But in the end, I think it looks just fine.

I am participating in a bead swap through the Bead Unique Magazine community.  A swap works like:

- 15 people particpate
- each person sends in 15 of the same bead
- the administrator mails each person one bead (or set of beads) from each person
- each of us makes a piece of jewelry or several pieces of jewelry using the beads from the swap...we can add things, but we have to use all of the pieces we received
- we send the finished pieces back to the magazine, they photograph them and in the big reveal, show them on the Bead Unique online community and in the magazine

So, you see above all of the beads I received in the swap.  There are a couple that I did not work into the necklace so I will have to make a second piece.

I am not sure I should be showing this before the big reveal, so if you are in the swap and reading this, pretend you didn't see it.

That was fun,
Normal Girl