Thursday, August 14, 2008

Imaginina Does Orlando

I am in Orlando with Normal Girl and the Human Pin Ball. Orlando. The weather is perfect. So many great things to do. Wet & Wild?

Cocoa Beach. Sand castles. I brought my boogie board.

My all time favorite. The Kennedy Space Center. History. Space Shuttles. Astronauts.

Disney. There is enough to do at Disney to last days and days. Something for everyone, even me.

I would even enjoy a trip to Gatorland for pity's sake. But, where am I? All day and half of the night?

In the office! HPB and NG can work non stop for 876353 hours. It is sickening. Who are they trying to impress? How did I get invited to that party? Well, I feel food poisoning coming on. My rental car is getting a flat tire. The dog ate my car keys. I hear my Mother calling. I lost my map to the office. I am pretty sure I will find it at the Mexican pavilion at Epcot.



human pinball said...

insomnia queen - i mean human pinball -says.....ok ok what did i do to deserve a friend who would bail me out of the mess that old salesmen ( another story for another day ) always seem to get me into that would be you - NORMAL GIRL -
it is official, I owe normal girl big time - she always comes through for me when I need her- she is a true friend...but that snotty imaganina....
she can pound sand....snotty chick in a goodwill hat

Anonymous said...