Sunday, August 24, 2008

Move That Bus!

The Divine Design team is made up of women who physically work at the site, women who do support jobs, and those who pray during the process.  The work that is done in the house is important, but the most important part of what we do, is encouragement for those who can use some.  

The best stories from the weekend are about team members who sat for a few minutes and talked face to face with a child or the Dad.  It is not always easy to allow people to serve you and give you things.  We on the team understand that, and also understand that we receive as much blessing from the process as those we try to encourage and serve.  God always does an amazing work through the women on the team as they speak one on one with those we are helping.  It helps everyone to understand that this is God's work and that He blesses all of us through it.

This week, we had the opportunity to serve a sweet family.  

For more pics of the kids and the before and after pics of the rooms we did:

Normal Girl