Thursday, August 28, 2008

Round Robin Dragonflies

This beautiful dragonfly bracelet belongs to BH.  In her journal, above, her description for us to follow:
I wish I was a dragonfly
With iridescent wings of light
I'd dart across the fields and ponds
And lift myself in graceful flight
I'd sprinkle magic here and there
And bring a smile to your face
- BH
So far five of us have added charms, three more to go.  It will be nice and full.  More of the story:

Charmed by the dragonfly,
tiny tulips grew in my garden,
eager to join in the dance.
- DB

Another dragonfly joins the dance
And together the two flit and float
Just enjoying.

A damselfly on a lily pad
Join a butterfly on a flower.
That lazy spider finally produced.
Just as I was winging my way onward,
the specifically ordered gold gossamer silk
from "Sir Lazy" arrived and 
another dragonfly wove himself.
- VA

Dragonflies circle higher
into the cool shade of the trees
fresh green leaves
whisper stories of adventure.
- KB

I am enjoying this summer project,
Normal Girl