Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Round Robin Round Robin

I got the next Round Robin bracelet in the mail this week. This one belongs to DB. How cool is her bracelet? I love the mix of three colors of metal. Did you make the bracelet yourself DB? I have never seen one like it.

Here is the page in her journal that she wrote for us to follow. I like how she started a story for us. You will see how we have followed and kept it and added to the story.

If you look back at the first picture, you see that round little robin at the far right of the bracelet and her home at the far left. You can see that she is far from home with lots of stops in between. Here you see a pewter nest charm with seed bead branches and leaves. When DB started the bracelet, she put the round robin and the nest on, at opposite ends.

The Diplomat got the bracelet first.

Here is her part of the story, captured in the journal.

Next, the bracelet went to VA. Read her chapter in the story.....

These are some of the charms that VA added to go with her addition to the story.

Then I got the bracelet next.

Here is the resting place for the round robin and the note that tells her which way to travel to get home. I wonder what she will encounter on the rest of her journey.

Great job Round Robin designers!
Normal Girl