Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Changing?

I read a blog today on which the blogger and her readers were discussing books that changed their lives.  I read something like 60 comments from readers.  They did not have any problem listing books that changed their lives.  Some listed six or eight books.   I have read more books in my life than the average person, I am guessing.  I read alot.  Since the summer before first grade when I won a reading contest at the library, I have been a voracious reader.  Do I have a list of books that have changed my life?  Changed the way I live my life?  Change the way I think about life?

I can tell you books that I really enjoyed, books that made me think, and books I have read several times.  But, a list of books that changed my life?  

I am not a total loser, I did read one book that I can honestly changed my life: The Purpose Drive Life by Rick Warren.  It really is true that the focus of my life is different because of the things I read in that book.  It changed the way I relate to people.  It changed what I do with my time and energy.  It changed the way I trust God.

Don't you think that to be life changing, a book comes along at the time you need it?  I read alot of the books listed on that blog today and did not even find some of them interesting.  But they changed someone else's life.  

Now I need to know.  Any books that changed your life?
Normal Girl


emma said...

combination between "redeeming love" and "captivating" - taught me that God loves me with the passion of a lover and is teach me to love Him the same way

also "praise habit" by david crowder - reminded me to wear my lifestyle of worship like a nun wears her habit. so that it sets me apart and makes people wonder.

emma said...
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