Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dear Ms. Diaz

Dear Ms. Diaz,

You have been on my mind for a couple weeks and I am taking this opportunity to tell you what I am thinking.  I saw a story on TV that reported you made 50 million dollars in the last year. Does that amaze you?  

I am aware that people must ask you for money all the time.  Even so, I was wondering if you would be willing to share a bit of that 50 million with some people who really need it.  All I need is about $150,000.  You can take a tax deduction, I will help some people who need it, and you can go on Oprah and tell her about it.  It would be a great photo op for you and you won't even miss that much money.  Maybe you could get your friend Drew Barrymore to pitch in.  I will even teach you how to paint a wall.

Jesus loves you,
Normal Girl

P.S.  You are the youngest, thinnest and prettiest person in Hollywood!