Monday, March 23, 2009

Raise Your Banner

These photos are from the auditorium at church yesterday morning before the service began.  With the help of my generous friends, I spent most of the day Saturday hanging decorations for the Easter series.  I love to go in when all the lights are on and everything is up and new and just sit and look.  A lot of hours go into this. I never know if it is going to work, or how people will receive it.    It was discussed that we all raise some kind of banner and that a banner shows who you are for and to whom you are loyal.  

I don't know if you experience this now and then, I pray that you do.  But, yesterday, I was having issues and I sat there during the service asking God to bring me peace.  He showed up and through the music and the whole experience, He let me know He was there.  It was a bit a good way, but I was a mess.  

Today, AW told me that he feels that everything we do in preparation comes together to make the experience, and possibly change people's lives.  I wonder if the pieces of fabric and ribbon do all that, but maybe they add to the ambience.  I don't know.  I do know that God was there and people were moved.  Including me.  

Thanks to all of you who gave me your precious hours,
Normal Girl