Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is Over

I am home, sorry to leave behind the peace and calm I acquired while in Santa Fe.  Why is it so hard to keep that when I come home?  This was the view from my driveway.  See the ski runs on the mountain on the right?  

Balcony at the Ore House, overlooking the Plaza.  It is one of the oldest restaurants in Santa Fe.   I ate lunch there one day....roasted corn soup and, what else, guacamole.

My view from the balcony.

I think this is a Ponderosa Pine.  They smell like vanilla.


I miss it already.

Raccoon update.  None.  I found nothing in the trap when I got home.  Good news for me.  Not so good for the raccoon.  I have not forgotten..........

Normal Girl