Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Conspiracy

Overheard in the backyard:

Ratface Raccoon: First that human chases me out of the house.  I worked long and hard chewing a hole big enough to get in there.  She shines a big light in my face and screams at me.  She thinks that house is hers.
Sneaky Squirrel:  If you had just waited one more day until she was out of town, we ALL could have been in there out of the rain.  Poor planning.
Ratface Raccoon: And now, she has boarded me out of the house and is setting the trap and baiting it with food.  How stupid does she think I am?
Sneaky Squirrel:  We can fix her.  Everytime she puts the apple and peanut butter inside the trap, I will go in and get it.  I am light enough to not spring the trap, so I will take the apple out, we can lick off the peanut butter and leave the dumb apple.
Ratface Raccoon:  hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Sneaky Squirrel:   hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Ratface Raccoon:  Who is stupid now?


votemom said...


you are funny and clever... but not as clever as your little friends!

Anonymous said...


yes said...


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