Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bye to Raccoon, Hi to Turtle

Monday night, I set the trap in the basement just in case something else fell through the ceiling and was hiding in Girl World.  The trap was empty yesterday morning so I headed to the airport for my trip to Santa Fe.  I heart Santa Fe big time.    I was sick all day yesterday and just knew that I had some disease from cleaning up raccoon pee and poop....which is red in case you ever need to know that.  So, I put the raccoon behind me for a couple days and am now in Santa Fe.  I am staying in a little cabin north of town, in the turtle house.

I do not have many pics yet.  VoteMom, I am having my retreat time with God, just the two of us. Today has been amazing already!  So here is a pic of my patio.  I love the architecture of adobe houses.  My cell phone will not work inside the house because the walls are 28 inches thick. And there is no reason for you to feel all that jealous because it is the same temperature here as in Michigan.  It was toasty in Albuquerque yesterday, but Santa Fe is at a higher elevation, so colder.  They are saying snow here on Friday!

On my way out of Albuquerque, I did some bead store shopping for work.  I got some turquoise and coral for me.  Who wants some?

This afternoon I will be heading into town to do a few things.  Stay tuned for pics of some of my fav places here in Santa Fe over the next couple days.  Did I mention I love it here?  Love it!

Normal Girl


Pamela said...

Hi baby!

I do9nt have to say have fun, cuz I can see you are!

I would relish the God time. Nice!

Wish I was there to have some of that quiet time too. Will be thinking of you!

oh, and yes on the interview thingy? I totally forgot!


Joy! said...

I love that you are having your own personal retreat! Can't wait to hear what God speaks to your heart. Enjoy!

Owen's Grammy said...

hey--those are my favorite kind of beads... wish I was there too, looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...