Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Painting the Nursery

This is another job we are doing to raise funds for the mission trip to Atlanta. We are painting the walls of the 2 year old room at church. Here is the beginning of that.

There is so much furniture and storage and sand boxes in the room, I wonder how long the pictures will be visible. It is encouraging that they have already rearranged he furniture for it, so we'll see.

We also have Jesus calling the little children to Him, but I am not showing Him to you because He looks a little like Charlie Manson right now. He will eventually look safe and loving, and you can see Him then.

Normal Girl


votemom said...

is this the tiny tot room??


(and i give you props for trying to paint jesus --- you may want to have a group word-of-prayer before the paint actually goes on!!)

Imaginina said...

hmm, yes, we have already discussed that he must look masculine, yet friendly, kind eyes, and we have worries about wavy hair.....

Anonymous said...