Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Night with the Girls at GCH

I went to Pontiac to Grace Centers of Hope tonight with some great women from church to hang out with some other great women.  When we walked into the room, several of them were sitting around the big table and hollered out, "where have you been?"  They were waiting for us!  In the past, they have not been told that we were coming until we arrived.  They do this because sometimes groups say they are coming and then they flake out and don't show up.  So, we must have passed the test because the ladies were told this morning and were excited all day.  What a great welcome!

Some of the younger women on our team colored with the kids.

There was a game of Apples to Apples going on over in the corner.

And, a table full of journals and paper and rubber stamps held the attention at the big table.  Glitter glue was the big hit of the night.

Thanks to those of you who donated time, crayons, paper, glitter glue, and bags of toiletries.  Every morsel was welcomed and really appreciated.

"Will you come every week?"
"Want to have a sleep over?"  It's good to be wanted, isn't it?

We heard many stories that are so hard to hear, but they each ended in a relationship and a growing trust in God.  It is amazing that they are so open about their lives and their struggles.  One woman thanked me for allowing her to see fun can be had while she is sober.

To see all of the photos from the night:

Fun night!
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