Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've Been in Therapy

I have actually invented a new kind of therapy.  Glitter Therapy.  Glitter as mood enhancer. Cheaper than traditional medications.  And sparklier.  I dare you to glitter something until it shines, and be sad or depressed.  

I have been glittering stuff in Girl World for two days.  I have had a great time designing projects for a summer booklet for Jo-Ann Stores.  

In case you are not aware, there has been quite the controversy over glitter this year.  At the beginning of the year, Ellen Degeneres asked for the next POTUS to issue a ban on glitter.  It just proves what an unfortunate, mixed up girl Ellen is.  

Of course, my friends who make and sell glitter went crazy.  My very creative friend Penny Costal, who is a designer for Michaels Stores made this.

This is a 4 foot tall letter G that is covered in glitter.  It weighs 989 pounds and they mailed it to Ellen.  Of course, she hates glitter, so what were they expecting?  They got no response at all.  Probably because she was busy hiding from the glitter rally being held outside the studio.

I hope that pic did not give Owen's Grammy apoplexy, she has a serious glitter addiction.

All that to say, I really believe the answer to the winter doldrums is glitter  Stock up now.

Normal (sparkly) Girl


Dawn said...

sorry no glitter for this glitterphobic girl. although the G looks very cool!

votemom said...

i just need to go on the record: i hate glitter.

just on the off chance you were contemplating incorporating glitter somwhere in my daughters' room.

but i'm happy that it makes you happy.

Owen's Grammy said...

I love glitter. In fact I am in the middle of a 500 piece glitter project. I do love that G-- do you think if I wrote to Ellen she would send it to me??????????????

Weasel said...

Now knowing Ellen doesn't like glitter sorta makes me like glitter even more than I did yesterday.

Anonymous said...