Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Like I Imagined

I did a little experiment tonight at the middle school gathering.  I wanted to take some kids, teach them a short STOMP-like bit and let them show it to the rest of the kids.  It went a little wonky.  I got a pile of volunteers, but when they volunteered, they did not know what for.  SO, I got them away from the group to start learning.  Some of them were mad that they were missing the games.  sigh.  kids.  We worked about 10 minutes and we were called back to perform the piece.  Yikes, they were not close to ready.

Poor kids.  Not one of them had a sense of rhythm, and we did not have time for them to get comfortable with it.  So, it was not so great.  But they tried, they really did.

So that really cool thing that I had in my mind?  Not so cool.  But, I did enjoy them: Robert the Awesome (that is how he introduced himself), sweet little Megan, Marissa who had the most fun of all, and Ellie.  I met Ellie in Pioneer Girls four years ago.  She told me then that her name was Beaver, except when she wanted to be called Cocoa Puff.  So, I called her Ellie Beaver Cocoa Puff.  She was smart as a whip and twice as wild.  She has grown into a beautiful girl who could be a model.  

Not ready for Carnegie Hall, but fun,
Normal Girl