Monday, November 17, 2008

Do Ghosts Dance?

They do in this video.  I am so disappointed.  This was a beautiful dance and the girls looked pretty.  But they look like dancing ghosts.  Does anyone know why?  Because my camera was focused on Frank's head? Because the lights are too harsh on the platform?  Because my camera is useless? Once I get over it, it might be kind of funny.  Maybe.  Someday.

Anyway, you can enjoy Wonder Woman at the piano and son of Wonder Woman singing.

Normal Girl


Dawn said...

whoa they are like white silhouettes it is kinda funny...but sorry you can't see their pretty faces.

you can blame the spotlights on the platform for most of it i think. they stink when it comes to photos at video i'd assume would do the same thing. i don't think there was that much you could have done sitting where you were. it's not like you had many different settings on your camera to tweak for video.

Imaginina said...

That is probably right. The video comes out a lot better when they dance below the platform.

Dawn said...

hey jordan's mom posted a video of them dancing on facebook. did you see that one?

Imaginina said...

Yes, it is alot better. It is from the balcony.

Anonymous said...