Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Interrupt This Program.....

I don't know why this happens.  But today at 4:45, my brain said Modigliani. I remembered the day I went to the Kimball with Kathy and Queenie to see the Modigliani exhibit.  I like Amadeus Modigliani and his work, and he has a freaky story worthy of an artist.

He was born in Italy.  His mother didn't think he was smart enough to do much in life, so she encouraged him to be an artist.  He studied with famous guys in Italy and eventually moved to Paris in the first decade of the 2oth century.  That was the time of Picasso and Cezanne and those guys.  Modigliani became the quintessential tortured, starving artist and was heavy into drinking and smoking pot....to the point that he would regularly strip naked at parties.  He dated a lot of women, of course, they were posing naked for him all the time.  But, eventually, he got serious with Jeanne, and they moved in together and had a daughter.  He died penniless at age 35 from tubercular meningitis due to poor health exacerbated by the drinking and drugs. Jeanne was 9 months pregnant with their second child.  After the funeral, her parents took her back to their home, where she tossed herself out of an upper story window, killing herself and the unborn baby.

Is it any wonder I cannot become an artist?  I am way too happy.

So anyway, here is the pendant I made when Amadeus overtook my brain today.  It is made on a chandelier dangle.  It has Modigliani's painting called Young Redhead in an Evening Gown.  


Having a little focus problem, but it got me a new necklace,
Normal Girl