Sunday, September 14, 2008

Up All Night

I can't sleep.  I have not had a good night's sleep in my own room since my new neighbors moved in about a month ago.....thanks to the 8767857548376 watt motion lights on their house.  The set of two lights faces my bedroom window about 10 feet away.  Flies make them come on.  And, they are over the major woodchuck highway from the back yard to the front yard.  So, they are on most of the night.  When they come on, it is like the runway lights at Metro are right next door.   When I close the blinds, the light leaks in through the slats.  I can read by this light.

So the children next door got married this weekend and are gone on their honeymoon.  And left the lights on.  I am wondering if I can do something with the lights while they are gone.  Don't want to shoot the bulbs out, or steal them, I guess.  Paint them black?  Put a bag over them? Unscrew the bulbs just enough so they don't make contact and can't turn on?  Nail a board over my window on the outside of the house?  Mount  a big mirror outside my window that bounces the light away?  Get a huge dog that barks every time the light comes on?  

Any other ideas before I do something crazy?
Normal (sleep deprived) Girl


votemom said...

buy a cheap room-darkening shade.

Anonymous said...

Invite them over one evening for tea and dessert and then tell them you have something interesting to show them...however,if they don't care, that will not help the relationship at all (a risky option from that perspective, as you'll be sleep-deprived AND insulted, at least right now you don't know if they don't care).

If it doesn't work, you could paint that side of your house an icky color for them to look at, though your town may have a rule on that....or you could buy the cheap room-darkening shade....

The Diplomat

Imaginina said...

I need the air. I even open the window all winter. Air!!

Anonymous said...
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