Sunday, September 7, 2008


I wish I had this problem.  My problem is that I can never find the cord I want, when I want it.  Why does everything have to have its own specific cord?  I have cords for my cell phone, my computer, to charge my iPod, to listen to my iPod in the car and to sync the iPod to the computer, cords for the camera.  I have multiples of some of these and still can't find one when I want it.  It is worse when I go out of town and forget the cord I need.  Then I buy another one.  Another one that I won't be able to find again when I need it.  Or I think I have the cord and open my suitcase to find it is not the right cord.  I wish some genius would figure out one universal cord.  I would pay for it.  I would pay a lot for it.  

Normal Girl