Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hunger Strike

Something happened to me tonight that I have never encountered before.  My sister is in town for a couple days.  We both had busy days and decided to treat ourselves and go out to eat.  We went downtown in my small city and chose a fairly new restaurant.  We walked in and the hostess told us they were closed.  I wondered why they would close at 8:30 on a Saturday in a busy town.  She told us there was no food left.  OK, we will just have appetizers.  There is no food left.  OK, just chips and salsa.  There is nothing.  No food left.   

Are you buying that?  What do you think really happened?
- shut down by the health department?
- cook got mad and walked out?
- ant infestation?
- the fridge broke?
- a crazed customer went to the back and trashed the kitchen?
- they really did not have any food??

Normal Girl


Dawn said...

hmmm. i think the option of something happening to the cook is my choice...

human pinball said...

human pin ball thinks you two looked like shady characters and they did not want to serve you wild women!
HPB is still talking like Suede - just to amuse Normal Girl.

Imaginina said...

Normal Girl is extremely amused!

votemom said...


American Girl said...

if it was the afternoon, I'd say health department. Saturday night - I'd say the cook didn't show up 'cause he got Foreigner tickets for him and his lady-friend.

Anonymous said...
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