Friday, September 26, 2008

Tutorial (kind of) For Found Object Charms

Tutorial for Found Object Bracelet Round Robin Bracelet.  If you have not done much jewelry making, this will help you.  We don't care how you get it on the bracelet, just join and play!  Remember the deadline to sign up is October 4, 2008.

In this tutorial, I will cover both found objects that you might use to make a charm, and ways to attach those charms.  

You can attach with a jump ring (instructions at the end)

You can wire wrap a charm to a bracelet (instructions at end)

You can attach with a split ring (instructions at the end with a few more ideas)

Found Objects

Dominos:  There are smooth ivory dominos and the regular black dominos.  These examples are on ivory because they are smooth.  Drill a hole in the domino or add one of these cool findings, or, these.

Whatever you can do on a domino, you can also do on a Scrabble Tile.  

You can do many things on a domino.  Rubber stamp images.  To do this you need an alcohol based ink and any rubber stamp.

Decoupage or collage.   For piles of inspiration, look at these Etsy vendors.

Bottle caps.  For more ideas than I can express, google bottle cap charms.  Some people have been really inventive with these things!

Other Suggestions:
  • puzzle pieces
  • game pieces
  • postage stamps
  • keys
  • old slides
  • stuff out of the bubble gum machine
  • watch parts
  • piece of measuring tape
  • any kind of paper 
  • pieces of old jewelry you take apart
  • tags
  • clock hand
  • button
  • used wire
  • guitar pick
  • cut up stuff: old credit card, pop can, etc
  • beach glass
  • shells
  • OK, I could go on forever.  If you can attach it to a bracelet, it is fair game.  

Attaching Something to the Bracelet

There are several ways to turn something into a charm and attach it to the bracelet.  Something on your charm has to have a loop, a hole for a head pin or wire, or, you have to be able to drill a hole in it.

Use a jump ring.  If your charm has a loop or a horizontal hole, a jump ring will work.  Jump rings are the easiest way to attach a charm.  It is very simple.  Go here to see.

Use a split ring. A split ring works any place a jump ring works.  The benefit to the split ring is that it is a bit more durable than a jump ring.  It is a little trickier to attach and you need  a special plier.  Go here to see.

Use a head pin.  If your charm has a vertical hole, a head pin or piece of wire will work.  You can  make a simple loop in your head pin or wire and then attach to the bracelet with jump ring or split ring.  Go here to see a simple loop.

Wire wrap a loop.  Wire wrapping is a tiny bit more difficult, but still pretty easy.  Wire wrapping will do the same thing as a jump ring or a split ring.  It hold the charm to the bracelet.  The advantage is it is the most durable, guaranteed to hold the charm in place, technique.  It takes a few seconds longer to do.  You can do it with a long head pin or a piece of wire.  Go here to see.

You can google anything you see here and find lots more information and ideas.  Let me know if you have questions.  Go to the Announcement Page for instructions on how to sign up.

Here's What I Think....if you have never done this before, it will be a good stretching experience for you.  If you have done this before, you will be amazed at the creativity you see in a round robin.

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