Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go Wolves!

I went to the football game last night with the fam.  Nephew 4, the Redwood, is playing freshman football at Bay City Central.  We all went to Central.  Grandmapa graduated from Central.  My sister/ Nephew 4's Mother, graduated from Central.  However, she married a man who did not graduate from Central.  But, his kids go there, so we put up with him.  So, it was an experience last night.  We were told that nobody would be sitting on the visitor side (it was an away game, so we were the visitors, hence the boring white uniforms) and so we should sit on the home side.  We were behind enemy lines.  It is disconcerting sitting with people who are cheering for your misfortune.  And, oh.  They talked about us.  Out loud.  So, we stayed.  And honked our horn.  And rang our cowbell.

Here is nephew 4, #95.  he is the tallest kid on the team.  He is the tallest kid in his class.  He is in love with football.  This is kind of new, he has done team sports, but has not loved it.  I am not convinced it is about the team or the game.  My hunch is it is about the girls who are chasing him like hussies.

Nephew 4 is a starter, playing both defense and offense.  They walked away last week with an easy win but they were creamed last night by the Midland HS Chemics.  They were behind enough to be replaced by the B team, who promptly got two touchdowns. 

Here's what I think.... Sometimes the B team has a lot to teach the A team.
Normal Girl