Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movie Induced Naps

I had to watch a movie for class this week. The quality was poor. I had a hard time understanding what was said. The plot could have been told in three minutes. And was. The last three minutes of the movie. I actually fell asleep in the middle of it. Now I need to write four pages on what I got from the movie. I have been thinking about it now for three days. I think maybe I am just ready for school to be done and my brain has shut down.

Falling alseep at home while watching a movie is one thing, but have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of the movie you were watching at the theater? I admit, I have one movie on that list. Tin Cup, Kevin Costner. Man, it was boring.

What's yours?
Normal Girl


votemom said...

The Power Puff Girls... roughly 2002. the flashing lights were so intense i was getting a migraine. laid my head back and closed my eyes and ended up sleeping thru the 2nd half.

Lorenza said...

I dont think I've ever fallen asleep at the movies. They are too damn expensive to be wasting on uncomfortable sleep. I'd super glue my eyes open if I had to. Haha

Anonymous said...