Monday, March 29, 2010

New Products You Can't Live Without?

I like watching the new product info in case I find something I can't live without and so I can be the first on my block to get the latest and greatest. This is what I am talking about! The disco shower baby! Oo Oo!! Complete with light show, who doesn't want to disco down while bathing?
Self drying dish. Ummmm. Aren't all dishes self drying? I guess this one is special because it can stand up on its own. Just in case your dish rack is too full. It can stand up on the countertop. It should be called the self standing dish. Weird.

When you have a guest and you ask her what she would like to drink and she says, "anything" or "whatever," now you can be ready. What do you think it tastes like, Mrs. Smartypants?
The stress sensing watch. It monitors your "well being waves." Really. Needing a watch to tell you that you are stressed? Do we really have "well being waves"? I think the bags under my eyes tell me the same thing without the cost of some high tech watch.

Buying anything yet?
Normal Girl


votemom said...

1. do NOT want bright flashing lights showcasing my lumpy, saggy body.

2. yes, weird.

3. very funny idea!

4. i have enough physical evidence of stress (yep, including the bags), that this really is un-necessary.

p.s. what are you procastinating doing while you surf the net looking for these?!

Lorenza said...

Love this post. Hahahahaha!

Normal Girl said...

Me? Procrastinate?

Wykate said...

I have customized my own plates by leaving them on the stovetop next to the hot cast iron. Have also done the ergonomic melting thing on utensil handles. For the frugally inclined.

human pinball said...

haha - I could blow the dial off that stress watch, it would be on the evening news.

human pinball said...

one more comment.... is the guy in the photo the CREEP who answers your phone when I call? If so - tell him I am not leaving a message and to quit stalking me.

Bieber said...

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