Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Not being Catholic or Irish, I knew absolutely nothing about St. Patrick...until this afternoon when I did a bit of research on him. Feel free to wow your friends and co-workers with any of these tidbits.

  • March 17, the day we celebrate as his feast day, is the date of his death
  • Ireland where he lived as a slave among Druids and pagans, was the place he turned to God...he had been kidnapped from his home in Scotland and taken there to live as a slave, he was put to work as a shepherd at around 15 years old
  • Some days he prayed as many as 200 prayers
  • He credits a dream from God for telling him to leave Ireland
  • He and his disciples converted thousands in Ireland, including kings and entire kingdoms, when they heard his message
  • He worked many miracles
  • He lived in poverty, enduring much suffering many years
  • Patrick used the shamrock to explain the trinity and it has been associated with him and Ireland since that time
Please tell me if you ate or drank anything dyed green that is not so in the natural world, in honor of St. Patrick,
Normal Girl