Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still Working on Working On It

I have still not read the two books written in the mid 1600s....I am still procrastinating that. Expect a post of me laughing at myself about it soon, when I have waited till the last minute and I am in a time crunch.

Usually, I get a lot of things done due to procrastination of homework. Not that I am not enjoying the learning process or most of the topics I am studying... and once I sit to it, it isn't so bad. I am not sure why it is so hard to sit to it. Sometimes I wonder how I will accomplish anything once school is over and there is no homework to procrastinate.

Tonight I turned on the torch and kiln with the idea of making a couple beads. A couple hours later, I had 15 beads in the kiln in the hopes that I will find a couple I can use inside there tomorrow morning. There are 7 beads with nasty color palettes in there...I tried seven colorways before I hit on one I liked. Do you know that when the glass is molten, it is a totally different color? And sometimes one glass reacts to another glass or to the amount of oxygen coming out of the torch to make a totally different color than it was when I started? Some people who do this for a living, have all that figured out. I am not there yet. I have to experiment most of the time.

In the morning when the beads can come out of the kiln, it is always a big surprise. Sometimes happy. Sometimes not so much.

Isn't procrastinating fun at my house? Stay tuned.......
Normal Girl