Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Was I Afraid Of?

This is Hannah Whitall Smith. She was a Quaker and an author. She is the author of the books I have been whining about. Bad news: turns out there are four books I have to read, not two. Good news: they were written in the 1880s, not the 1600s and so they are not bad at all to read.

Allow me to share paragraph 1 of chapter 6:

The next step after consecration, in the soul's progress out of the wilderness of a failing Christian experience into the land that floweth with milk and honey, is that of faith. And here, as in the first step, the soul encounters at once certain forms of difficulty and hindrance.

Allow me to translate:

After deciding to follow the will of God for your life, in the journey from a life lived without joy, toward all of the great things God promises you, is faith. And this also, will not be problem-free.

See? Not bad.

Today, I pretty much polished off two 300 page books and have half of my paper written. Woohoo! My brain is full for now, have to let the buffer catch up. More tomorrow. My class is Spiritual Formation and Renewal. The topic is interesting to me and has provided much food for thought. I admit, the whining and procrastination was dumb.

And yet, I will do it again next time,
Normal Girl


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we humans are so predictable aren't we?

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good luck on your reading projects--your class sounds interesting!

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