Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Salt and Pepper

This is my Mom's salt and pepper shaker collection. I think she started collecting when she got married 54 years ago. So, most of these pairs are from the 50s and 60s. Really retro. I entertained myself for awhile looking at them last night. I might entertain myself more this weekend. They are a crack up. By Dad's best count, there are 130 pair, but he admits to having several different counts.

Mom is ready to sell them and is deciding how to do it. She has not had them displayed for many years and has not added to the collection in many more years than that. She would love to sell them as a collection. I am guessing someone out there would love that. The thought of packing up all of them seems daunting.

So, I took pics of some of the funniest (in my opinion) of the bunch. Do they even make salt and pepper shakers like these any more? This is one really long pig. Salt shakes out of the heinie and pepper out of the head. She has another one like this, I think it is a dog.

Awwww, the dancing couple.

The super retro birdies.

The lipstick wearing cowboy. Salt comes out of the cowboy and pepper out of the horse. He gets off the horse for that to happen.

I think these big eyed brown owls are my favorites, although I admit that I wonder why the man owl is wearing an apron.

Baby kangas in the pouch.

How funny is this weenie dog?

Yeah. I guess we were not PC in the 50s.

Baby giraffes are cute. She has two sets of giraffes. Must have been trendy.

Salt comes out of the driving dog and pepper out of the car. He gets out of the car.

Any body out there have funny old collections of anything?
Normal Girl


Joy! said...

LoVE this collection. I had a S & P collection some years back so I can really appreciate them :o) Love the Weiner Dog! but the kangaroo's are my favorite, mama and babies! Thanks for sharing them. A real treasure and you are right some collector will think they hit a gold mine!

votemom said...

definitely a gold mine - she may be into some serious cash!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do you still have these shakers? email at crabb@txcyber.com