Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Bangles

Remember last week when I went to the mall? I have been thinking about a bracelet that I saw that day. It was three bangle bracelets, wrapped in tulle, with a big tulle pom pom on top. I liked the idea and adapted it to be not quite so over the top....and not so picky as tulle.

I wrapped my bangles with strips I cut from a t-shirt, and wrapped one with some stretchy lace I removed from the bottom of the same t-shirt. ...tied a bow, holding the bangles together...and added a silver high heel charm.

Except for removing the lace from the t-shirt (which took an hour of cutting really tight threads), the bracelet took minutes to make. And used recycled materials!

I am wondering what I could use for the bangle that is also a recycled material. Any ideas?

Normal Girl


Anonymous said...

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brianamillett said...

Love this! I think an old magazine page, or newspaper may look cool wrapped around a bangle in a similar way.

Love your blog