Thursday, May 20, 2010

Inspiring Teacher and Woman

This is a video of my very first contemporary dance teacher. When I studied under her, she in large part was the reason contemporary dance became, and remains my favorite dance genre. At that time, she was the age I am now. I had nothing on her, believe me. My respect for her grew as she lead me to understand and deal with department politics. That lesson in politics was my first. It was tough. But she helped me understand it really had nothing to do with me.

She was an amazing woman and teacher. Here she is today in her 80s. Because I know her, this video makes me smile from ear to ear. It is so Clara. I hope it give all of us some inspiration to never say die, but to keep living life as long as it is ours.

Go Ms. Gamble!
Normal Girl


Charlyn Johnson said...

Very good blog ;-)

Barbara said...

Amazing lady!

Joy! said...

Evan and Kathy play in pickle ball tourneys. Did you know that? To funny :o)