Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Red Tape

I have just two classes left in this graduate program. Both pertain to writing a thesis. The class I registered for this semester is Research Methods II. Don't be jealous.

Class started Monday. I started today, Wednesday. I have been working on this degree for four years. Registration online has been pretty easy. But for this class, for some reason, there have been un-followable rules, forms to fill out and get signed by numerous people I don't know and have never seen, and some weird process I never figured out. I started it 3 weeks ago.

Finally when I could not make sufficient headway on the process, I went in through the back door. I called the department secretary yesterday. She took care of everything. I love her.


Dear Very Expensive Institution of Higher Learning,

Thank you so much for the enjoyable time I have had of late trying to cut through your red tape puzzle. It encourages me that you took the time to make sure I had a few laughs before finishing my degree.

How comical it is that you require me to go through a rigorous process to get into these last classes regarding writing my thesis. I know you took into account that I have spent four years and the GNP of a small country working on this degree, and it made you giggle at the silliness of the process with which you challenged me. Oh yes, for another big grin, you ignored me when I sent the form and letter in to you....just to see what I would do.

It was so humorous that you made up a form and a process that I could not figure out, even with a pending Master's Degree. I can picture you in your offices laughing along with me in utter delight.

It was also so funny that you asked me on that form to give you a bibliography that I will be using for my thesis, even though I do not understand the process and have not started researching. Oh, I can't tell you how I chuckled while working on that.

My favorite joke, I am sure, is going to be when I get the bill for all of this. HAHAHAHA

Thanks for the memories,
Normal Girl


human pinball said...

ok- that hand is creepy.... really creepy

Barbara said...

Somehow I believe I got a better laugh from that than you did. :-)

Barbara said...
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