Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Maul

I went to the mall this afternoon. If you know me personally, you understand what that means. I would rather clean your oven than go to the mall. Really. And not only did I go to the mall, I went to the big mall.

Things I learned from my trip to the mall:
  • go after 2 and get out before 5
  • it is a good thing my non-existent teenage daughter is non-existent...we would be having arguments over prom dresses...they are all too tight and too short and too expensive
  • our mall has become quite cool with the addition of some cool designer stores: Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Lucky Brand
  • If you are looking for jewelry in the mall, go to Macy's. They have the best selection, including classic, fun, and trendy. Nordstrom's jewelry counter is for old ladies. Lord and Taylor jewelry counter is for ladies who are already dead.
  • Why are teenage girls wearing the Pebbles hairstyle? It is pulled into a ponytail at the very top of the head and looks like a fountain spewing out. All it needs is a bone tied into it.
  • Jewelry at the mall is ridiculously expensive, and most of it is plastic. I saw an elastic bracelet with plastic beads for $50. Thanks Ralph Lauren. Maybe I should raise my prices.
  • Life is Pink
I did collect some good intel for some projects on my drawing table, so woohoo for the mall and not having to go back,
Normal Girl


votemom said...

what was your purpose for going to the mall?

i'm not a mall lover either. my daughter IS. i try. and now i have a NEW daughter that IS. i bet you can easily guess which one. she already knows which store is the best (claires), and who to ask to take her (papa, not mama).


emma said...

awwww the mall looks so pretty in that pic ;)

Normal Girl said...

I went for product research.

I see that your daughter recognized the mall from the pic.

Claire's was on my list yesterday.......