Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Isn't this what we try really hard to cover up?

Why in the world would someone buy a skirt that has underwear painted on it?

  • You like people staring at your heinie?
  • You want to prove to the paramedics you are wearing clean underwear?
  • You want to prove to your Mother you are wearing clean underwear?
  • All of your clothes were burned in a fire and this was donated to you and it is one step better than naked?
  • You are wearing it on a dare or bet?
  • It looks better than you actual heinie and you are wishful thinking?
What do you think the front looks like?
Normal Girl


Dawn said...


i have no idea why...
doesn't even look attractive...

7jii said...

I learned form those photos that they r all asians.LOL