Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Today was the potluck at church that Wonder Woman and I have been planning the last couple weeks. Some fool crawled around the parking lot early this morning in 80% humidity giving everyone directions of where to drop off their dishes. By the way, it was a good idea, but, after several cars drive over your chalk, it comes off.

We set up for about 350 people to sit and eat. Since our theme was the 50s, we had 45s, 50s trivia, and funny ads from the 50s on the tables, hoping it would give people talking points while eating.

Our greeters, could they be cuter?

The food was amazing. It was very hard to decide what to try, the selection was huge. I tried quinoa salad. Google it if you don't know what it is.

We had a hula hoop contest. This little bit of a thing could have twirled that thing all day. She barely had to move a muscle to keep it up. The crowd was cheering her on.

Then her sister got her chance. There was no stopping them. In order to break the tie, we had to give them a super duper challenge. While the hoop was moving, we added more hoops. Check her out. They both won a prize.

And the winner of the bubble blowing contest!

It was a huge undertaking, but we had several volunteers who worked hard to set up and clean up. Could not have done it without them. Seems like people had fun. We had one woman ask for a beer (it was a church potluck, HAHAHAHA!) One person thought we should have put the food on the tables so they could eat family style. Imagine that, we had probably 30 tables. I heard no real complaints, so I say success!

And Wonder Woman and I hope someone else is in charge next time.
Normal Girl

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