Friday, May 21, 2010

Spare Tire Bracelet

I had a few things to get done tonight: some homework, some design work, a potluck project. How did I arrange my priorities? I blew off everything and made a new bracelet. I am calling these the Spare Tire bracelets because they are kinda big. But oh so fab.

Remember when bought these bits when I was in Florida? Yes, I finally got around to using them, and they are a perfect fit to this spare tire bracelet.

Maybe they should be called Treasure Bracelets. There are so many things wired in there, you could examine it for an hour to see it all.

Anyway, it was SyFy Friday, so I watched my fav show and made a spare tire. Way better than what was on the list.

Tomorrow is another day,
Normal Girl


Owen's Grammy said...

have you thought about spare tire classes???? so beeeeyuuuuteeful!!!!

Dawn said...

that bracelet is beautiful

The Showgirl said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog and just had to comment on those beautiful bracelets! Every single part looks like it came out of a treasure chest, absoloutely stunning. You're a very talented person.

human pinball said...

soooo pretty !!!

Joy! said...

I agree with Owen's grammy. Need a class please!!

mini said...

the bracelet is beautiful. nice way to prioritize, thats what i do but i watch tv and read.

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