Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintique Dress Form

This is Samantha Carter's first project. We are submitting it to The Editor, hoping is wil be the first of her regular columns using vintage and antique materials. It's cute, right? Dress forms are about to be super trendy.

I used an old sewing pattern from 1965. Is that old enough to be vintage? The pattern was purchased at the Fabric Fair in Bay City where I grew up. Mom made a lot of our clothes growing up, and she bought lots of patterns and fabric at the Fabric Fair in downtown Bay City. They are still in business!

The cameo came out of Mom's jewelry box. And I used a strand of pearls I found in an antique store. I made a bracelet that I put around the waist of the dress form, and a bracelet I hung around the neck of the dress form. They work both to decorate the dress form and as wearable bracelets.

Join me in wishing Sam luck on her first submission,
Normal Girl