Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Defining the Terms

OK, the question has been raised. And I am glad. We need to know these things!

Is an item from 1965 allowed to be called vintage?

Here is a glossary of terms according to some research I did today. Of course, not everyone agrees on the exact number of years. But my answers reflect some kind of consensus across several "expert" opinions.

Contemporary: up to 15 years old

Retro: from the 1960s and 1970s

Vintage: at least 25 years old...unless you have a dress by a super famous couture designer like Halston. A dress of his that is 2 years old can be called vintage Halston. Yeah, not too confusing.

Antique: 100 years or older

Glad I am not an antique just yet,
Normal Girl


Wykate said...

LOL Vintage! Who knew?

mya said...

Just looked in my closet and, oh my goodness, it screamed "Vintage"
Guess its been awhile since any seriuos shopping was done.
Good luck to Samantha. Your added accessories set it off wonderfully!

Barbara said...

What is pre-Retro?

The Diplomat said...

Does that mean mullets from the 80s are Retro?

Normal Girl said...

Mullets are just creepy...unless of course, you are MacGyver.

Anonymous said...